By: Crisse Miller Kirby

Some nights, like tonight, I struggle with falling asleep too early and then waking up at random hours, only to struggle with falling BACK asleep. It is frustrating, to say the least. However, my random sleep habits are a discussion for another time. (I think I need to go back and watch my friend and fellow blogger, Roshanda Pratt’s video from a few weeks back!)

I often find myself perusing news sites just to see what is going on in the world around me. This morning was no different, and I came across the following little gem of an article (I hope that my air of sarcasm is detected): “’OctoNovemCember’? Retailers speed holiday calendar.” Without even reading the article, I knew, and you know too, what it will be about: the frustrating and aggravating ways that retailers shove holidays down our throats before we are ready.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not some miserly curmudgeon who screams “Bah, humbug” at the mention of Christmas. I love Christmas. I love Thanksgiving. And I love Halloween. Yep, I do. I love all of them at their proper time of year, though. I would be okay if my local Wal-Mart put out Halloween and Thanksgiving fare roughly around the same time since it all sort of flows together: pumpkins, harvest time, etc. with a few ghosts and goblins thrown in for good measure. However, as I recently discovered at my local Wal-Mart, Christmas decorations and Christmas cards already line the shelves. What in the world? Halloween was still two weeks away! After that, we still had close to four weeks before we would celebrate Thanksgiving, and then yet another four weeks before Christmas!

Again, please understand, I KNOW that people are shopping for Christmas already. Heck, I’ve even done a little “shopping” myself, buying a few gifts back in August. The above referenced article suggests that we, consumers, have no one to blame but ourselves because we start shopping early. We want to shop early and be done. However, how many times have you put a Christmas tree on layaway? Honestly? People want to buy gifts for their children or spouses or parents early; I’m not looking for a special new ornament right now!!

And it’s not just the fact that we are seeing all of this before the other holidays that really chaps my hide; it’s the fact that we seem to be losing Thanksgiving in there all together. And, honestly, Thanksgiving, itself, can be a day full of memories and fun, just as Christmas can be. It is a time for my family to gather together at my grandmother’s house and spend the day picking at turkey, ham, vegetable dishes and more desserts than we know what to do with. It is a day of laughter and jokes and hugs and stories passed around about children and work and life in general without the hustle and bustle of opening gifts. It is about being thankful for having a wonderful family with which to gather. It is about being thankful that we live in the country in which we do live.

I realize that my little diatribe here will have little to no effect on retailer’s habits, but I’m curious to see how our readers feel. Does it drive you insane? Or do you like it? And if you do, why?

1 thought on “OctoNovemCember

  1. As I sit here and think about it, you are right! Thanksgiving is lost! For instance, as I was walking through a local store tonight, I was looking at Christmas stuff every where and had not even thought about Thanksgiving and why, because I didn’t see anything that looked like Thanksgiving. All the holidays and their meaning are getting lost. Why you ask? I feel it is like everything else in this world. We are so busy living our scheduled lives in the material world, that we don’t make time for the important things like God, family and the true meaning of each holiday that rolls around. I think I will try to change that and I challenge you to also do so. Slow down, enjoy life and its holidays!

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