A Nutritionist’s Grocery Cart

By: Mary Pat Baldauf

I’m still hoping to do a post detailing the best items for a healthy pantry, but for now I’m loving the WebMD blog post “What’s in a Nutritionist’s Grocery Cart.”

A quick check of my kitchen shows I have the following:

  • Carrots, lettuce, watermelon, tomatoes and nectarines (close enough to peaches!)
  • Other seasonal fruit and veggies including cabbage, cherries, grapes and the “not-so-seasonal in SC” pineapple
  • Chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans and other beans, too
  • Quinoa and popcorn (just air-popped some, in fact)

But WebMD’s post reminds me that:

  • I need to find a good organic rotisserie chicken. It’s a great time saver for weeknight cooking.
  • I can’t buy dark chocolate almonds. I can’t eat them in moderation!
  • I need to find a good hummus recipe.
  • We need some almond butter for a recipe Sister wants to try!

And while I’m on the subject of groceries, does anyone have a sure-fire method of keeping track of spices? Mine get stuck in the deepest recesses of the pantry where I forget about them. Only after I buy a new spice for a specific recipe do I find a duplicate already in the pantry. Not only are spices getting more expensive, but there’s only so much ground cayenne red pepper you can use!

What’s in your grocery cart and/or pantry this week? Trying anything new? How do you organize your pantry?

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