What You’re Doing Is Not Working.

By: Roshanda Pratt

I am always working on self-improvement.  I am also working at improving my family, my relationship with Christ and my business.  You can call me a self-improvement junkie.  I think outside the box.  Matter of fact, I try my best to crush the box.  As you can imagine, it really stinks when working with a client and you hear: “But we’ve always done it like this.” You can almost hear your idea dying a slow death.  My thought is if you have done what you’ve always done, that explains why you are getting the same results.  Change is not a bad thing.  I remember when I was a television news producer.  You work 8 hours crafting a news show only to have breaking news five minutes before air.  All you worked for is gone and changes in minutes. I hate that. Seriously, you could not have robbed a bank earlier in the day?  I joke, but seriously, those moments of breaking news and change made me a better producer.  I actually became one of the youngest and few producers in my newsroom that could fill-in as a producer on all the shows.

How can you improve?  Take an honest look – is what you are doing getting the results you want?  If not, change.  I look at my life (family, marriage, business, etc.) through this thought.  Whether I change for the good or stay the same, either way I am in pain.  That pain is not necessarily physical; however, not changing is hurting my family and my business.  What will it take for you to move in another direction?  Go for it.  Trust me, when you are better your family, your business and everything else associated with you is better. I have also realized change comes with growth.  When I was pregnant, my appetite and my figure changed big time. I did not like it at first. In fact, during my first pregnancy I could not enjoy sweets. It made me sick. But after a while, I got use to the change and actually realized not being able to chow down on a whole pan of chocolate brownies is actually a good thing.

Now is the time to look at today and think about what changes you can make to grow your business, family or whatever you think needs a good shakeup. Remember, if what you have always done is getting you the same results – it is time to “work” on something new.

So what are you working on?


2 thoughts on “What You’re Doing Is Not Working.

  1. Hey Ro! I felt like you wrote this post for me! I’ve been going through a string of transitions, and am finally ready for a good shakeup. I’m constantly striving to improve my life but realizing that I’m not getting the results I want. It’s time to change that. Thanks, Ro! xo

  2. Hi Staci! I am so glad you found the post helpful. Change is a good thing. If its not happening most likely something is dying. Remember this: a woman’s body has to change while carrying a baby, if not something is wrong. Walk in the change so you can experience something new! xoxo

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