Olympic Fever

By: Katie Austin

The 2012 London Olympics is finally here!  Did you watch the opening ceremony and if you did, what did you think?

I loved every minute of it!  I held off going to the bathroom or getting something to eat/drink as I didn’t want to miss anything.. (I know, I could have DVR it, but then I would have been up even later as my bed time is around 10pm 🙂 ). I especially liked the set transitions from the British meadows to the industrial revolution, which built the Olympic rings that were raised above the stadium.  Impressive!

Then, to see Mr. Bean as a member of the orchestra as they played, “Chariots of Fire,” which led into him racing in a scene from the movie – priceless!

The part that I struggled to stay up for was the United States team members make their walk into the stadium.  It’s one of the few times I wished our country’s name started at the beginning of the alphabet.  Haha.  Actually, I found it interesting to see the different countries participating and how some only had a few attending on behalf of their country.  Then we walked in with so many representing our country and it made me proud to be an American!

I have been glued to my television ever since, watching as many events as I can and catching up on sleep missed on the weekend 🙂  Where else can you watch beach volleyball, swimming, soccer, water polo, gymnastics, table tennis and synchronized diving while spending quality time with the family?!  That’s what makes the Olympics great – there are so many events to choose from!  It makes for great discussions around the water cooler and predictions of event finals yet to come.

The Olympics is where memorable moments are created.  A time when we can forget about our troubles, focusing our attention on cheering our team to the finish line.  I wish the Olympics would come around more often as I think it would serve as a reminder that with a positive attitude, hard work and determination, you can reach anything you set your mind to.  Thank you to all those representing the United States in London as you have sacrificed a lot and are making a difference, inspiring many!

What events do you like to watch? What has been your most memorable moment of the 2012 London Olympics?

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