My Inner Geekness: Creating a QR Code

By: Katie Austin

You read it right – my inner geekness.  What can I say?  I love working with computers and helping others get over their technical hurdles.  By adding a  black and white box to your business card, resume or flier, you leave more than a smudge of ink.  You will literally leave your mark using a QR code.

What is a Quick Response (QR) code?   You have probably seen it on a business card like the one shown below.  From first glance, it looks as though the person had extra time during a meeting and doodled, staying within the lines of the box.  What this box holds is personal information such as name, phone number, website link and picture that can be scanned into a smart phone for storage.  The inner geek in me loves this!

So, why add a QR code?  I say, why not!  The QR code contains your important contact details in one small image that is scan able by any smart phone or computer.  When handing out your business card containing the QR code, you are encouraging the person to scan your code into their phone, instantly adding you to their contact list.  Having the QR code on your business card may spark additional conversation where you can demonstrate with your phone how to scan it in.  The person will walk away with your contact information and there is a good chance that they will remember you.

Now you know what a QR code is and how you can use it.  The next step is to walk you through how to create one and the steps are simple!

  • Step 1: Visit and click on vCard.
  • Step 2: Enter all your information into the text boxes
  • Step 3: You can change the size of the QR code by adjusting the scale (you will see the image change as you move the slider)
  • Step 4: Download the created QR code to your computer

That’s it – you have created your QR code!

What if you want to include more than one link to a social media site (Facebook, Linkedln, etc)?   The QR code generator (steps above) only allows you to link to one site.  My suggestion would be for you to use a free service such as QRMobilize where you can create a QR code that integrates social media and there are other options available.  The best feature is that you can log-in and update your information without changing your already printed QR code.

All that remains is getting your QR code printed!  To read your QR code, you will need to have QR Reader software installed on your smart phone or computer.  Many of these are available free of charge.  Enjoy and hope you found this to be helpful 🙂

Do you have a QR code?  If yes, what do you use it for? Have you found it to be helpful in networking with others?

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