Girl’s Best Friend

By: Katie Austin

Dafny as she looks off the back deck of the house

They say a man’s best friend is his dog, but I would venture to say that a dog can be a girl’s best friend too.  We have a 10-year old black Labrador Retriever named Dafny.  She is more than a pet, she is an important part of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without her.  Like a mom bragging about her child, I want everyone to know how truly special Dafny is and I think after reading my post, you will think she is too 🙂

Where to begin?  She is by far the cutest dog in the world!  Of course, I am biased because she is our dog, but she really is one of the sweetest, loving animals I have ever known.  What you see in the pictures is what you get with her and is just a small insight to what it is like to have here with us every day.  She, like her other furry friends, loves to go for walks (good for us too!) and meal time is her favorite part of the day as she runs in circles with excitement!  In a nutshell, she just wants to be loved and to love you back.   She is always there to greet you with a toy when you come home.  After a long day, all your troubles seem to fade away as you look down to see Dafny jumping up and down, almost smiling that you have arrived home.

Dafny sits in the snow, patiently waiting for her favorite thing - a cookie!

Dafny secured a special place in my heart during my breast cancer battle.  It was as if she knew I was sick and that she was going to sign up to be one of my caretakers.  She kept me company during the day as everyone was off at school/work, lying beside me for hours as I rested.  If I was in the bathroom sick from the treatments, I would open the door to find her sitting there, waiting for me to come out to see if I were ok.  She would check on me periodically as I lay in bed or on the couch, coming up to sniff me, lick my hand or face, then laying down as if wanting to be right there in case I needed something.  There were many days that I would hold her, crying as I didn’t know if the treatments were going to cure me.  She became my confident with whom I could tell her anything and knew that she would keep it to herself.  I think what helped is that no one else knew dog language, plus I bribed her with cookies which does the trick every time! 🙂

During that time, I learned just how special she is and how much I valued her companionship.  She was my guardian angel and she made me smile even during my toughest days.  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have made it through my cancer battle if she wasn’t in my life as she seemed to nudge me forward in her special way.  She is more than a dog to us.  She is an important part of our family and we are so truly blessed that we adopted her so many years ago.

Do you have a pet that you couldn’t imagine life without them?  Have they helped you through a difficult time?  Post your story here for the Every Woman Blog family to honor them and appreciate the good deeds they have done 🙂

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