“Thank You Thursday” Extended

By: Mary Pat Baldauf

Mary Pat Baldauf

Inspired by Julie Smith Turner’s “Thank You Project,” I started my own “Thank You Thursday” project for Lent.

Every Thursday, I wrote a thank you letter to someone who made a difference in my life or the life of the community and posted it on my blog. I also spread the thanks by tweeting a link and posting it to Facebook. Following are links to the thank you letters I wrote during Lent:

Thank You #1: February 21
Thank You #2: February 28
Thank You #3: March 8
Thank You #4: March 15
Thank You #5: March 22
Thank You #6: March 29
Thank You #7: April 5

Easter has now come and gone, but I’ve decided to continue my “Thank You Thursday.”  In this hectic world, the project has caused me to slow down and be thankful for the little things, which in so many cases, make such a big difference.  Instead of focusing on the negatives, it’s trained me to look for the positives, and when you start looking, you find a gracious plenty.

I encourage you to start your own “Thank You Project.” It doesn’t have to be as formal as the ones that Julie and I are doing, just an occasional thank you to someone who probably doesn’t get many.  It will be a nice treat for the person who receives it, and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy it, too.

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