Between the Sheets

By: Roshanda Pratt

Let me first say I love my husband. We really have some funny moments (see the post about us debating  who makes better Peanut Butter & Jelly).  Well, this post is no exception.  I have written about it before on my personal blog and decided to share the story with Every Woman readers.  Usually at night while in bed my husband and I have pillow talk, discussing about our day.  It never fails what happens next.  I am listening intently, and then I start to feel trapped, stuck, wrapped like a burrito.  I can’t breathe! I feel the walls caving in. Ok, maybe not, but it is extremely tight.  I then interrupt my husband and ask him the question I have been repeating for 7 years now… “Are you under the fitted sheet?”  My husband usually grins and chuckles as he replies, “No.”

I am the kind of gal who makes up the bed with the fitted sheet, flat sheet, shams, pillows and comforter.  I will admit to get the bed you have to fight your way through all the décor.  I grew up in a house where a bed was never complete without a flat sheet and all of the above trimmings.  My husband thinks a flat sheet is pointless!  Matter of fact, his response after I busted him was and I quote: “Flat sheets are for women, you always got to have extra!”  Say what Dude?  What’s extra? Just peel back and jump in the bed.  That sounds pretty simple to me don’t you think?

I think it is funny that my husband would rather sleep on top of the flat sheet than under.  When I first blogged about this rather “uncozy” matter last year I was surprised by how many men and women nix the flat sheet altogether.  One reader wrote: “I have to vote with your husband here Ro; I hate a flat sheet as well.  We are fitted sheet with a comforter people here.  When I do stay away from home the only thing that makes me crazier than a flat sheet is when they tuck it in at the foot of the bed!”

So what else do you do with the flat sheet, it’s a standard when you purchase bed linens?  Do you use it as curtains, a table cloth or tuck it under and pretend it’s a fitted sheet?  How do you ignore a flat sheet?  It seems so unfair to break up the happy couple (fitted sheet + flat sheet = love).  Ok, maybe I am taking this too far, so as usual what do you think?

Meanwhile, I will try to make up our bed without the flat sheet, at least once and find him a support group of other men who loathe the beloved flat sheet.

P.S. Enjoy the short video on how to “correctly” make up a bed. And I would love to hear from you about what’s got your spouse tossing and turning at night.

…For so He giveth his beloved sleep.” Psalm 127:2 KJV

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