In A Cooking Rut? Can I Interest You In Pinterest?

By:  Elizabeth Webber Akre

As much as I love to cook, even I get in a rut from time to time.  Most recently, I was so bored and burned out on chicken, I actually put out a call for help and inspiration on my blog,  I got some suggestions, but it still took about 2 weeks before I could even get interested in chicken again.

In the midst of this bird boredom, I finally jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon.  At first, I was just interested in checking it out so I’d know what everyone was talking about, but then I started paying attention.  What I learned was, “Wow!  This is really pretty cool!”  Quickly, I discovered how many other cook-a-holics are out there and they were sharing all kinds of awesome recipes, techniques and smart hints that I didn’t know.  (For instance, I now know how and am in the process of growing my own scallions.  As God as my witness, I’ll never pay for or run out of green onions again!”)  But, oh bliss, all the creative and innovative recipes I’ve found.  My enthusiasm for cooking returned with giddy excitement.  One of the first recipes that caught my eye is simply titled “Sour cream & bacon crockpot chicken.”

First, I love my crockpot.  Second, I love bacon.  And third, I love sour cream.  How could I possibly pass this one up?  I made it last week and I was in love.  The chicken was fall-apart tender; in fact, next time I may cook it a little less time just for the sake of presentation (the breasts will hold their shape better coming from the crockpot to plate.) The bacon was crisp and added nice flavor to the delightful sour cream sauce.  It was kind of stroganoff-like with a little spike of smoky bacon.  In fact, next time, I’m going to use two slices of bacon per breast just to add more bacon flavor.  After all, I’m a bacon devotee.

One of the main reasons I love to cook so much is to impress and satisfy my family and friends.  My husband is a great person to cook for because he’s so appreciative but he will tell me if I miss the mark.  This dish got his “thumbs up.”  Now, any of you with kids know that they can surprise you and eat exactly what you don’t expect them to and then shun the ol’ kid stand-bys.  This dish not only got my daughter’s “thumbs up,” but she elaborated … “I really like this mommy.  You should make this a lot.  I love it.”  WOW.  That is the sign of a winning dish, if you ask me!

This recipe came from a “pin” from a blog entitled “Moms with Crockpots.”  Sometimes when I read other people’s blogs, I wish I could jump on a plane and go meet him/her in person.  Of course, that’s not realistic, so I read, I comment and let them know how much I appreciate them sharing what they know.  My hat’s off to the creator of this recipe.  I most definitely will be making this dish again and I hope you’ll try it too.  Click here to see the full recipe from “Moms with Crockpots.”

For more, visit me at Gastronomy by a Wanna-be Chef.

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