The Whole Enchilada

By:  Elizabeth Webber Akre

My husband, Neil, has gotten really good at helping spot deals.  He called me last week, because he’d seen the sign at the Piggly Wiggly on Devine St. advertising rotisserie chickens for $1.99 with 1 Greenbax.  Luckily, I was right down the street from there and headed right over.  I picked up two of these little babies and spent the rest of the day brainstorming about what to do with them.

Obviously, that night, we had sliced roasted chicken.  Except the little one.  She’s a drumstick fan.  She devoured both of them and asked for another.  This turned into a “teachable moment” about how chickens only have 2 legs.  The next day, Neil was able to take the leftovers for lunch. And, we still had one chicken to go…

Enchiladas are what I came up with.  (By the way, I’ve learned that if you pronounce Mexican foods with an accent kids will dig it no matter what.)  I asked the Wonderkind if she would prefer enchiladas with green sauce or red sauce. She mulled it over and decided red was the way to go.

My sweet husband had been so kind as to cut all the meat off of Chicken #2 for me, so I just shredded it, mixed in some chopped green chilis and Monterrey Jack cheese. I sautéed onions with garlic and mixed those in too.  Rolled up all of this yumminess in corn tortillas, covered in enchilada sauce and some “Mexican blend” grated cheese on top and into the oven.  Quick, easy and muy bueno!

Now, kids always bring some sort of hilarity to meals.  I realized I was treading on thin ice with the onions and green chili, but if you don’t keep trying and introducing flavors, they’ll never develop a taste for them.  So, guess what the Wonderkind’s only objection was?  The corn tortilla. She’s “not used to it” she said.  She deconstructed the enchilada and ate the filling without any qualms.  Go figure!

The added bonus is that we got so much meat off that one rotisserie chicken that I was able to make a 2nd pan of enchiladas that are now sleeping soundly in my freezer.  I don’t know about you, but I actually get a sense of peace knowing that I have delicious food in that freezer.  And, it can be a true lifesaver on those nights when time is of the essence!

As I’ve told you all before, learning to coupon CORRECTLY has made a huge (positive) difference for our little family.  Knocking $4.00 off a freshly roasted chicken is a huge savings and a great way to have dinner and then some. Using coupons, shopping sales and training the husband to notice sales advertisements really adds up quick.  And, to think we got 4 meals from $3.98 as opposed to $11.98…priceless!

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