It’s Okay To Be Selfish, Right?

By: Jordan Addison

This semester I am in my Introductory Internship with my major half a day on Wednesday and all day on Thursday. The internship is pretty demanding emotionally, physically, and mentally. Who knew second graders could do all of this to me?  One of our upcoming assignments for us to turn into our supervisor is to track our week and classify everything we do as either being energy giving, energy taking, or a waste of time.

This is one assignment this semester that I am really looking forward to and scared about at the same time. I honestly know that the majority of my activities are energy taking or a waste of time.  How awful is that?  I’ve forgotten about the importance of doing for myself and having the oh-so-important “me time.”  I have an ongoing struggle to say “no” to activities or commitments that take my energy instead of giving me energy. The sad thing is – I believe that I learned this from my mom.

As women, we are viewed as strong, intelligent, go-getters. Each of us has a little bit of a “first lady” in us – meetings, appearances, community service, friends, significant other to support (just to name a few) while staying put together and beautiful while doing it. First ladies are the queens of doing for everyone while remaining fabulous.  What does Michelle do to keep looking and feeling great while having tons going on?

Over the next week I will be tracking my activities and reflecting on what changes I need to make for me. We have to get selfish ladies!  What do you do that is energy giving?

One thought on “It’s Okay To Be Selfish, Right?

  1. Jordan, so happy you are tracking what waste time in your life and what’s benefical. I like to think of it not necessarily being “selfish” but putting things in perspective! I wish you the best. And please keep us posted.

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