Changing with the Leaves

By: Summer Brons

I’m going to be cliché for a moment and declare fall as my favorite time of year. The temperature cools, the air becomes crisp, my electric bill goes down significantly and the leaves turn lovely colors that are best left described by Crayola. While I’m not much for the hype and hustle accompanying the impending holidays, I tend to feel a renewed sense of determination when autumn abounds, which means that I find myself even more apt to buckle down and make things happen.

As I was recently contemplating this mysterious spurt of inspiration, I found myself wondering why it is that we tend to gravitate towards points thought of as a “fresh start” to actually START anything. We vow to get back into our routine at the gym…starting Monday. We swear we’re going to get the house cleaned up…this weekend. We shake our heads in frustration over a mess of receipts, bills and bank statements, resolving to keep our finances better organized…starting next month. We make these arrangements with ourselves on everything from a grand scale (New Year’s resolutions, anyone?) to the tiniest day-to-day tweaks that we’ll, of course, begin tomorrow.

To all of this, I ask: What’s wrong with right NOW? Why can’t we make a positive change for ourselves starting on a Thursday instead of a Monday, or on the 11th of the month instead of the 1st? Although I know it certainly doesn’t feel like it when you’re staring at the clock on your desk and counting down the hours until 5pm, time does pass at the same rate of speed each year, month, week, day, hour and minute. Thus, every hour we waste putting off simple tasks, every day we let slip by without paying respects to our health and fitness, every month we ignore that little voice in the back of our mind (the one quietly urging you to finally pursue that creative project, for example) the more time we’re simply tossing out the window.

It often amazes me how quickly I’m able to accomplish things once I actually focus up and do them. Turns out, the perks of a clean house, an organized inbox, a completed workout, or even the sweet escape of reading a novel are much easier to enjoy once we take the necessary steps to get there. As a procrastinator who thrives on deadlines and a fast-paced environment, I can absolutely vouch for the satisfaction of getting to cross something off the to-do list and no longer having it hanging over my head.

My goal (beginning, you know, next Monday) is to quit seeking a start date for everything I want to accomplish. I’m the only one who can make the time to write more. No one but me can lace up my running shoes and pound out some mileage. I’m the one in charge of my future, whether that future is tonight, tomorrow, next week or five years from now. At the risk of sounding cliché again – I’m going to make like a leaf and change before I fall.

And you should, too.

What are some things YOU tend to procrastinate? What helps you to spring (oops, punned the wrong season!) into action?

3 thoughts on “Changing with the Leaves

  1. Amen sister! So incredibly written! “I’m going to make like a leaf and change before I fall” – Girl, that’s good! Love it.
    When I really look at my life, unfortunately most of the things I tend to procrastinate on are in the “me time” category of my life. You know, like painting my nails, getting a massage, anything involving doing something special or relaxing for myself is what usually gets put off.
    Since I’m a To-Do List writer & LOVE scratching things off my list, maybe I need to give those “me time” things top priority on all these dang lists of mine!
    Easier said than done of course. Heck, I’m just thrilled I took the time to enjoy your fabulous blog! Here’s to changing our ways before we FALL! 😉

  2. Summer, I can totally relate to being a procrastinator who thrives on deadlines. I tend to put things off until I find the motivation to actually complete a task. However, once I accomplish what I’ve put off, I feel invigorated. Starting now, I’m going to stop wasting precious time! I can also relate to Shannon’s comment about needing to prioritize the “me time” category in my life.

  3. I used to love getting things done early, long before their due date, then, somehow, life caught up with me and I find myself lucky to get something done on time. I so need to better organize my life, as a whole, and try and make my life a little easier in the long run. Thanks Summer! Maybe I’ll start working on that . . . tomorrow!

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