The Hurried Life

by Roshanda Pratt

We live in a microwave generation. I will admit waiting is not one of my fine points. However, we are under constant barrage to watch the clock. I hate watching the clock. I think it comes from all those years working in television news. You are trained to watch a clock, to order your day by the clock, to manage by the clock. In fact, I remember often waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, staring at the clock thinking I missed work, only after jumping frantically out of the bed, waking up my roommate at the time who happened to be a school teacher to learn it was my day off. My hurried life in television news has been long gone yet I still find myself speeding through the day. Could you agree? I race to get the kids up in the morning, I race to drop them to school, I race to get back home and start work, I race to complete projects, blah, blah, blah…. Some days I feel like I am running a marathon. It is not that I am not organized. It seems like the demands of life have me going from one thing to the next and like screaming children they all demand my attention at the same time.

But I noticed one other thing too. The world around me does not help me in this race against the clock. I was in a craft store the other day and noticed they already had Christmas items out. Seriously? I have not even cut the Thanksgiving turkey and already YOU want me to start thinking about Christmas? I understand it’s a ploy to get me to get in the holiday spirit. However, for me it does rather the opposite. I start feeling the subtle pressure of one more thing to think about and I get resentful. I think to myself, “Why are we trying to race through life?” It almost seems like we are moving from one event, one moment to the other, never really enjoying the present. After all, it is a gift.

Well, since I am a person who has time issues. Yes, I admit it. I have to constantly put myself on a “time out”. This means I take time to just enjoy life. Instead of trying to race through the day, when someone tries to engage me in a conversation, instead of trying to quickly end it nicely I take the time to stop and listen. When the children want to play a game or demand of my attention, I put the laptop away and do that. And finally, when I go in the stores and see them trying to push the holiday season on me and its not even November, I take a deep breathe and keep walking. I am learning I am only required to be a good steward of the “time” given to me. There are 24 hours in a day and it is that way for good reason. I believe God created just 24 hours so man would have boundaries. After all, if you are like me, you would soak up all 25 hours, if an extra hour was given.

So what do you think? How do you manage time? And how do you STOP and smell the roses? So hurry up and post your comments (joke). I am excited to know how you feel.


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11 thoughts on “The Hurried Life

  1. Great post!!! I am weird I guess because I love time!!! I love my watch and my calender. I love having my days ordered and time managed. I love having appts on my schedule whether I am serving other people or having fun with less structured time. I look forward to your name showing up on my daily “I get to do” blessing list soon!!!

  2. Denise, my beautiful and special friend:) Right now, time and I are in a love hate relationship. lol. I hope to one day appreciate it, I do hope my post did not come off like I “hate” time rather I have to fine myself not being consumed by it. And yes, I look forward to being on your blessing list.

  3. My oh my, girl, can I just say AMEN! I am so with you on this! I have caught myself, lately especially, saying “There are just not enough hours in a day!” You’re so right, if there were more, I’d just fill it up with my busy-ness! I am discovering that I just cannot do it all! As much as I’d like to think my super-woman self can. Although, I do think it’s ok to be super-involved and a “good” super busy to a degree, doggonit sometimes we just need to be super sensitive to the fact that we need to slow down long enough to let our super-duper selves actually live! I feel like my brain NEVER stops! Let’s just say, I’ve learned I’ve got to say NO a little more often and do just like you said, NOT let the clock RULE my every day!
    I may just have to run away with you Mrs Roshanda Pratt!

  4. It is so easy for me to fill my life with busy-ness and then wonder “why don’t I have enough time in the day?” I, too, have to take a time out and tell myself that it’s ok to slow down, watch a movie, and enjoy life rather than trying to cram everything into my already busy day. Like Shannon, I have to put my foot down and say NO more often but this is something that I am still working on. I want to be involved but not overcome such that I can enjoy things. Thank you for your post and for inspiring me to slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy life 🙂

  5. Roshanda,
    I must say there was a time when I use to ask myself, where has the time gone?
    I had to learn to slow down and take time for myself, I know sometimes that can be hard to do, especially with young children, because they are pulling you one way and you are going another. At one point in my life I would be doing something from the time I woke up to time I went to bed, if it wasn’t doing something for the kid, and me working, I always had my hand in something,and don’t talk about micowave dinners, I was the Queen of that.Once particular day I had an incident happen to me : I would normally pass by this particular restuarant on the way home, and I couldn’t remember passing it , this kind of spooked me out, from then on out I made a promise to myself to slow down and take time to smell the roses, and give myself at 3 times out a day, just as if I was having breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Love your post, keep up the good work< I look forward to reading more from you.

  6. Wow! Thanks Ladies. So glad to hear I am not alone on this journey. Shannon thank you for reminding us about the postive use of the word “No”! And yes, we can run away together. lol.
    Katie, I know what you mean. STOP! Has become my favorite word these days.
    And Wanda, your words are so kind. What a great idea to take a timeout 3 times a day like we eat. I may have to do that, no matter of fact, I WILL make the time to do it! Thank you for reading!

  7. Ro, I manage my time pretty well at work but once I get home, it’s a different story! I agree with the concept of “time out”. I make sure to carve out some quality time with my son each evening. At the end of the day, I steal a little “me time” by getting online to visit all my favorite websites and blogs. 🙂

  8. A Jar full of tasks does not make a fulfilled life. A jar of tasks fulfilled does not make a fulfilled life either. You are right Roshanda, we must take the time to smell the roses. By smelling the roses, I mean, enjoy the gifts the Lord has given to us which simply requires rest; remember the Sabbath..a day when even God CHOSE to do nothing!

  9. Staci, time outs are good.. speaking of such, we need to take a time out together! very soon my friend. 🙂
    Marcus, thank you for visiting and posting your comment. I TOTALLY agree! REST is key!

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