My Love Affair with Cooking

My name is Elizabeth Webber Akre. I don’t hyphenate, nor do I verbalize all three names, but being from Columbia, I write all three so that people who have known me forever will realize it’s me. I am a wife and mom, I teach Sunday school, I love nerdy computer games like Mah Jongg, I like to write and I love to COOK.

I write a blog called “Gastronomy (by a Wanna-be Chef).” As I’ve been contemplating what to write to introduce myself to you, I started thinking back to when/how/why my love of cooking and food began. I guess it probably started with a Christmas present from my Aunt Donna and Uncle Bill; December 1975 they gave me Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Cookbook. I still have it and have now given it to my 5 year old daughter, who I like to refer to as the “wunderkind.”

Where all good cooks are born!

In the 5th grade, I tore a recipe out of a magazine for this beautiful Mocha layer cake. I was enamored by the chocolate dipped almonds that adorned this magnificent creation.

Yep, I still have that too!

Fast forward to 1979 when my mom got her real estate license. As mom’s business grew, so did the need for my dad to learn to cook (late evenings in real estate sometimes!) My sister and I started out observing, then helping and ultimately started cooking as we became teenagers. (I finally made that Mocha cake for my mom’s birthday when I was about 16). It got to the point that my sister and I took over the job of making the shopping list for the family and armed with a blank check would march into the Winn Dixie in Irmo to stock up for our week’s menus.

I think this is where it all got started. What do you think?

So, I’m now in my 40’s and I love cooking and food and all that it entails. Trying out new recipes on my family and friends is my form of entertainment. Reading cookbooks is bordering on addiction for me. Dining in restaurants, casual and fine, is my favorite pastime. And now, teaching the wunderkind to cook and enjoy the kitchen is a passion and a joy. My blog is my creative exercise in talking about successes and failures in the kitchen, sharing an occasional recipe, giving you my opinion on a restaurant or product and sometimes it is simply me reminiscing about my adventures in the (amateur) culinary world. I hope that you might enjoy some of my tales, maybe get some useful information once in awhile and perhaps get a little chuckle. Bon Appetit, Dig in, Happy Eating!

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2 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Cooking

  1. Elizabeth, I love your approach to cooking. That mocha layer cake looks delish! I’m debating whether I’m brave (and skilled) enough to try the recipe out at home! 🙂

  2. Loved your post Elizabeth! I think I need to come over for a few cooking lessons 🙂 Looking forward to reading your posts and trying the recipes!

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