Watch Us Dance Cancer Away!

At Lexington Medical Center we’re passionate about our community; we’re passionate about our work; and we’re passionate about providing cancer care.  This year, as a new way to show our commitment, we’re participating in the Pink Glove Dance Competition for a chance to win $10,000 for the breast cancer charity our of choice – the Vera Bradley Foundation!

Screen shots from our Pink Glove Video

Produced entirely in-house, our Pink Glove video features hundreds of hospital employees, volunteers and chaplains to honor breast cancer survivors.  Everyone gathered at the hospital several weeks ago to tape the final segment of the video as they wore pink gloves and performed a choreographed routine to the Katy Perry song “Firework.”

We’re one of 135 hospitals nationwide to submit a video in the contest designed to educate communities about breast cancer and inspire patients as well as survivors.  However, we’re the only one in South Carolina with an entry in the contest!

Help us fight breast cancer by watching our video and casting your vote at  This will take you directly to the page with our video.  From there you can link to all of the other videos in the competition.  The last day to cast your vote for breast cancer is Friday, October 21!

2 thoughts on “Watch Us Dance Cancer Away!

  1. Please vote! This is a wonderful video for an amazing hospital! They truly treat you like family and I wouldn’t trust my medical care to anyone else.

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