Lean Green Mary Pat Battles Weight and Wins!

Mary Pat Baldauf

I recently celebrated my 45th birthday, and the biggest present was the number on the scales. A year after starting a wellness program through my employer, I was not only 83 lbs. lighter, but at the same weight as I was as a college freshman some 28 years ago.

So how did a forty-something year old woman lose more than 80 lbs. at a time when most experts say weight loss is even more difficult? That’s the story I will share with you on Lexington Medical Center’s Every Woman blog.

I was 44, overweight and out of shape, when the City of Columbia began a 12-week wellness program with a local health/wellness facility. The program included weekly nutritional counseling and biweekly sessions with a personal trainer. I was skeptical – after all, I’d tried to lose weight 100 times before to no avail – but decided to give it a try.

Mary Pat: Before and After

It took more than a 12-week session – I’m in the middle of my fifth and final session now – but I’ve made significant progress. I’ve completely given up fast food and processed food, and an avowed vegetable hater, I even eat small salads. I exercise daily, and I even have some muscle definition. My blood pressure has gone done, and I’ve gone from a size 20w to a 10p.

Despite my success, however, I know that a year doesn’t a lifetime make. These changes I’ve implemented don’t come easy, and every day I work to incorporate them into my life. Now that I’ve reached some milestone goals through lifestyle change, my challenge is to make them permanent and second nature.

Join me on Lexington Medical Center’s Every Woman blog as I share the successes (and struggles) of replacing the diet mentality with a lifetime commitment to improved eating and regular physical activity.

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