Answering the question, “What do you do?”

By: Shannon Shull

ShannonUs Every Woman bloggers were told to use our first blog entry as an introduction to who we are. Talk about a loaded request! Because as you know, the amazing women of the world have no simple introduction, no simple description of who they are – because well, we’re all multi-tasking queens with responsibilities and duties out the wazoo. Those of us who are successful, involved and motivated have lives full of busy-ness that includes to-do lists, roles and goals galore. I like to consider us goddesses. Yes, I said it, I honestly think that the amazing women of the world should all be considered goddesses. And though we’re not usually treated like royalty, or pampered with the luxuries of the Greek gods, well, we darn well should be. (I’m hoping that sentence evoked a few “amens!” from my goddess blog followers.)

That being said, when people ask me that loaded question of “oh, what do you do?”, the thought always run through my head….should I literally take the time to list out all the things that I do and all the roles that I take on in my life? Or should I just cave in and give a boring, one word answer? I’ve discovered that the most entertaining yet honest answer to the question is this –I am a goddess.

My kidsWho is Shannon Elizabeth Vaughan Hutchison Shull? I’m a daughter, sister, niece, aunt & granddaughter of a most incredible family. Most importantly, I’m mother to the absolute most fantastically, amazing two children in the world. I am a true friend to a seriously fabulous collection of friends. I am a passionate lover and supporter of the Arts. I am a teaching artist that is constantly inspired by the enthusiasm and passion of my students. I am an entertainer that loves to sing, dance and act because it feeds my soul. I am a Zumba instructor because I firmly believe in the benefits of taking care of my body, not to mention I think it’s fun! I am a producer because I like to make things happen – events, parties, shows, you name it. I am a writer – simply because I enjoy it and consider it therapeutic. I enjoy making others smile and feel good about themselves because that in turn makes me feel good about myself. I like to consider myself a community leader, a champion of positivity if you will, because I feel life is too short to focus on the negative aspects of life. I’m also a student of the world – there are always ways I can educate myself, always something I can learn, whether it’s educational, spiritual or a life lesson. I love to read, I love great movies, I love to cook, I love to drink good wine…shoot, I could go on and on. Lovely readers, I am a lover of LOTS of things!

shannon-shull1I am a goddess on the go. I am not a desperate housewife, but a woman desperate to share her passion, her experiences, her advice, her knowledge, her friendship, her enthusiasm…to speak out and share. Whether your life is taken over by your children or your work or just the responsibilities of surviving in our world these days, we tend to forget to do meaningful things for ourselves. And I don’t just mean lounging on your couch watching tv or a movie. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a rare heavenly activity for me that I cherish but I’m talking about doing something for yourself that truly will enrich your life and who you are as an individual, doing something that taps into your own personal passions. I think that on many levels we’re all desperate to stay in touch with ourselves and the things we’re passionate about. So if you consider yourself a ‘desperate housewife’ let’s think of it as a positive desperation that means you don’t ignore your inner voice that is desperate to get your attention, saying “Hey You! I’m still here! Remember that ‘real you’ on the inside that has needs, desires and dreams!” Admit it, we all have that inner voice, just most of us are too busy or scared to listen to it. I say we finally pay attention to that desperation and instead of it ‘involving a sense of hopelessness’ we recognize hope in it and choose to make it impossible to ignore!

To close my loaded tale of who I am – I am your Every Woman blogger, a fellow goddess ready to start a lovely relationship with you that will consist of sharing, inspiring, surviving, learning and lifting each other up, hopefully with a lot of smiles, chuckles and occasional belly laughs along the way.


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13 thoughts on “Answering the question, “What do you do?”

  1. The fact that the first question out of most people’s mouths after “Hi, Nice to meet you!” is “What do you do?” makes my skin crawl. I hate HATE HATE being identified and valued by my profession. I avoid the question.

  2. Shannon, I often avoid answering such a loaded question because I’m never sure who’s interested in learning the details of all that I do. After reading your post and watching your video, I am even more inspired to embrace who I am. Thank you! xoxo

  3. You are so hilarious Shannon! Love your video!! So, so fabulous. I need to come up with a good, what do I do? People ask me that all the time and, sometimes, I hate answering it. Good food for thought for the coming weekend.

  4. Hey Shannon… Re: “What do you do?” You Rock!!! Loved you since you were a little girl knee high & always will… beautiful, amazing, sweet spirited lady that you are!!! Berta

  5. “I am not the only one that is desperate to NOT lose my identity!” I’ll give you an “Amen!” to that, as well! Great post! Look forward to more!

  6. Loved your blog post and video! You inspired me to really seek out the real me and to answer that question for myself. I love the idea that we are all goddess women! 🙂 Take care and keep up the great work!

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  8. I love this blog post. Sometimes it’s nice to think of myself as a goddess as I zoom through work, picking up children, feeding children, trying to get some time for my marriage, making sure that I am not neglecting my beloved friendships. Only a goddess could make all these things work and I say Good Work! to all the awesome goddesses in my life. Thanks for the great post!

  9. Loved this posting on your blog. I have been periodically checking it to see if there was anything new..AND found this!! Enjoyed it very much!!

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